Biocure Technology Inc. is a biopharmaceutical company, specializing in the development and commercialization of major biosimilar products. Biocure started conducing conducting pre-clinical trials of its biosimilar candidates of Interferon Beta 1b last year and expect it to be done by the Fall of 2018. Other products in the pre-clinal phase are Filgrastim and Ranibizumab. Since all the Biocure products are bio-similar, starting pre-clinical trial means that the company has the technology and capability for a commercial mass production.   

Pre-clinical trial requires a respectable amount of product volume, which will be manufactured through GMP plant.  

The main business categories are:

  • Bio-similar joint venture project (in the field of technology support)
  • Bio-similar production/sales (in the field of technology transfer and mass production)
  • CAR-T Cell immunotherapy
  • Hair growth treatment sale
  • FMD vaccine