FMD (Foot and Mouth Disease) Vaccine

  • Genetic recombinant vaccine that used E. coli strain
  • Due to using E. coli production system, production cost is quiet low compared to the cell culture production, so it makes it much easier to extend production capacity when we wanted
  • PharoVax® can produce 100% matching of viral sub type of FMD Vaccine by recombinant production way
Issue Existing vaccine related issue Pharos FMD vaccine
Viral antigen Modification
  • Requirement of time and cost is high for mass production of vaccine such as preparing virus, cell line adaptation and culture time
  • Quickly develop customized strain and produce exactly matching vaccine at low cost by just changing Epitope of vaccine antigen
Live Virus Risk
  • Possibility of leakage of virus during production process
  • Possibility of active virus contamination in the process of final production
  • By using recombined protein, we exclude possibility of virus leakage or contamination
  • Cell and virus cultivation system (relatively high cost and long time to produce)
  • High tech facility is necessary to prevent leakage of virus
  • Relatively simple when using E. coli production system (relatively low cost)
  • Prevention of virus leakage is unnecessary

Comparison to the existing vaccine

FMD Vaccine