Recombinant human growth factor for cosmetics

  • Functional hair growth treatment originated from adipocyte stem cells(ADSC) developed 2012 has been developed successfully in 2012
  • As sample production is completed, samples have been supplied for exportg to Germany, Switzerland, Singapore, and Turkey
  • In most countries other than Korea, human originated stem cell related laws were not adopted, hence we needed a new strategy for exporting the product to worldwide
  • Biocurepharm Inc. has successfully produced five growth factors (IGF, VEGF, EGF, FGF, TGF) by using genetic recombinant technology
  • Active ingredients used in Recure Cell are produced based on advanced biotechnology
  • Our growth factors are developed by high-tech genetic manipulation technique and produced by strictly controlled fermentation system
  • The purification process is highly optimized and yields high grade purity. Further, Recure Cell is assured of the finest quality of growth factor ingredients through our highly stable formulation, aseptic manufacturing and strict quality control
  • A promising therapeutic agent of treatment concept
  • It is a new concept plastic surgery cosmetic that improves skin and replenishes the skin
  • Biocurepharm launched Recure Cell Program for hair and skin regeneration
  • Recure Cell HairGrowPac®, PureWhitening®, and Anti-Wrinkle® Program
Recombinant human growth factor for cosmetics
Recombinant human growth factor for cosmetics